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Have the lightbulb moments that make Scripture come alive!

Have you ever wanted to know more about the Bible, understand theology, and study the big ideas of Scripture?

At Simple Seminary, we will be your personal professors to help you understand and study God's Word more confidently. We hold your hand and hold you accountable so you make actual progress in your study of God's Word.



What is the Bible

and Can I Trust It?

No matter if you're a Bible novice, or a Bible ninja- this teaching will help you understand basic concepts like how the Bible was put together, who wrote the Bible, what role did man play in the writing of the scripture, and how do I know this is true and trustworthy? 

You may even be a teacher of the Bible, but you haven't quite known how to explain the answers to these questions...Whitney Capps, our personal professor,  will shed some light on such an important topic and walk you through this topic. 

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Simple Seminary

Solid Truth. Simple Teaching.

About Us

We are simple people who simply love God's word. We are here to hold your hand, hold you accountable and make progress together. Teaching complex concepts, ideas and terms in easy to understand ways, you'll see progress that grows your faith and helps you confidently study the bible.


Meet Our Team

Simple Seminary has the dream team of instructors! Whitney Capps, of Proverbs 31 Ministries, LifeWay speaker and author, has been speaking and teaching for more than 15 years. Dr. Alan Posey has his PhD and more than 40 years of pastoral teaching experience. Learn more about them by clicking below!


What is Simple Seminary?

By taking this course, you'll get solid truth that teaches you about Scripture, the context, big ideas, and major theological perspectives. The best part? It puts you in charge! You'll get to study at your own pace, but we are here so you never get overwhelmed. Make progress without pressure.


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