The Bible Was Meant to Be Understood

It's not merely for scholars or saints.  It's for every Christ-follower. And we believe you can truly know the Bible. The backstories. The theology. The big ideas.


What is Simple Seminary?

A curriculum that puts you in charge. You can study at your own pace. We won't let you get overwhelmed, but if you get behind, no big deal. You can hang out as long as you need to. No need to keep up or stress out. Make progress without pressure. We start slowly and without overwhelm! We're going to get quick wins and add to our bible knowledge with some basic building blocks and principles. Then, we will drill down on some specific theological concepts.

What You'll Get

Upon registration you will get access to a library of guided lessons, complete with a downloadable companion study. You'll work at your own pace to watch the video and do the provided companion study. You can post comments or pose your own questions in the community. We will jump in to provide feedback and answers. Quarterly we will do a LIVE Q and A to answer frequently asked questions or provide additional instruction.

Simple Seminary is Here for You

We want you to make actual progress. We want to hold your hand and hold you accountable, because, let's be honest. If we could do it alone, we would have. There are a million things that get in the way. We're here to help you stay focused and reach your goals for spiritual growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you join Simple Seminary now, you'll join the Class of 2020. You'll pay only $24 a month. And you'll never pay more than that. As long as you're a member in good standing, that's it. Membership will get you access to all the course content, membership Q and A's, bonus teachings and the community of support, encouragement and fun.

Nope. But we pray it catches on! We are praying that this is everything you want it to be. But if not, you can cancel at anytime. That's it. No pressure. No guilt. No shame. We want you to make actual progress in understanding Scripture. But if it's not for you, we will be happy to point you in the direction of some other amazing studies and resources. Really. That's it!

You can register now. Our enrollment period will only last a few weeks before we jump into the semester. We will open again, but we'd love to help you start making progress now.  Click the "Enroll now" button below.

Now is the Time!

You know that dreaded feeling: Pretending like you know something that other people seem to just "get." Maybe you just want to finally understand the Bible for yourself. Maybe you're just sick of hearing all those internal accusations and lies...that you're too far behind, that you're not smart enough, that the Bible is just too confusing. Stop the lies and start making progress today.


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We're getting ready to launch. We'd love for you to join us! It's simple. Because that's who we are.