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Meet Your Simple Seminary Team

(Oh, and hey. We know it's weird that Whitney is in all three photos. But we were all together at her book launch party. We all really do like each other, but new headshots coming soon...)

Whitney Capps

Whitney Capps

Whitney, of Proverbs 31 Ministries, LifeWay speaker and author, has been speaking and teaching for more than 15 years.

What she knows and loves about God's Word, however, didn't come from a formal seminary education. Whitney has committed herself to the hard work of studying God's Word for all its worth. She has spent years under her Dad's teaching, Dr. Alan Posey.

Whitney's vision for Simple Seminary is that every woman have the confidence to study God's Word for herself.

Whitney and Alan

Dr. Alan Posey

Dr. Alan Posey has his PhD and more than 40 years of pastoral teaching experience. He is a faithful expositor of God's Word and is deeply committed to biblical instruction.

Dr. Posey has a D Min from Columbia Seminary and a PhD from Liberty University. He is currently an Associate Professor with Luther Rice Seminary and Senior Pastor at Crosspointe Baptist Church.

Angie and Whitney

Angie Elkins

Angie is COO and Creative Director for Simple Seminary. Her wealth of ministry experience and deep love for God's Word are such gifts to our community.

After graduating from Southwestern Seminary, she has been working in ministry in various forms for nearly 20 years. Now host of the podcast Chatologie, Angie helps women practically apply the truth of Scripture to their everyday lives.

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Have you ever wanted to know more about the Bible, understand theology and study the big ideas of Scripture? At Simple Seminary, we will be your personal professors to help you understand and study God's Word more confidently.

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